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Reunion 2008 - 2016

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Welcome to our new Web Home

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G'day all Malaysian bound Rammers,

The final Itinerary and costing for the Malaysian Reunion September 2017. Jon Eaton has been pulling his hair out to get this all finalised and here it is! No surprises, exactly as planed and circulated.

All individuals make your own airline bookings to fly into Singapore and out of KL on the dates listed

Individual transfers (pickup at Singapore airport and trop off at KL airport are included on the days listed to suit individual flight times. You will need to advise me of your flight details.

You may arrive in Singapore day or two earlier, if you wish and bookings for accommodation at the listed Singapore hotel will be added to your individual cost to the travel agent. Transfer should still be included.

I will coordinate individual arrival and departure times into Singapore and out of KL, with the travel agent. So please keep me unto date on your travel plans and any changes, as they occur.

The cost listed is all inclusive, less any extra nights in Singapore. Payment methods, direct to Travel agent by credit card or direct transfer, will be listed in separate email. Note all breakfasts and several other meals are included. Seasoned travellers will be aware of the advantage and cost savings in a solid and reliable breakfast, when travelling.

Also attached is the attendance list. Please check and advise me of any changes.

The $AUD100 per group deposit already paid last year will be used to cover the administrative costs including entry into Terendak camp, etc. So please pay the $USD amount per person listed on the Itinerary direct to the KL travel Agent. Total per person listed to the travel agent in KL, more details to follow. Warren will be circulating details of the required proof of identity (copy of passports) etc. shortly.

Let me thank Jon for his persistent and sometimes rather frustration efforts in putting this fantasy tour together for us. Thank you Jon!

Finally, where there are family/friends travelling with us, the 107 Bty member has the responsibility for passing this information on to them (Jon you in the case of Dr Weinrauch)

Regards Hilton

Hilton Lenard - 0418 695 345


News from the New Battery Commander

Dear Fellow Rammers,

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Battery Commander of 107 Battery, 4th Regiment. My name is Brendan Perkins and I assumed command of the Battery in January 2017.

I enlisted in the Army in 1995 and was posted as a Gun Number to 108 Battery, where I served in a number of positions, deploying twice to East Timor. In 2004, I was accepted into the Royal Military College – Duntroon and commissioned as a Lieutenant and posted as the Meteorology and Survey Troop Commander in the newly established 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment in 2006. After a deployment to Afghanistan as an Unmanned Aerial Systems Troop Commander, I was posted to the 1st Regiment as the Battery Captain of Headquarters Battery. Whilst posted to the 1st Regiment, I deployed to Afghanistan twice more, once as a Forward Observer with 105 Battery and as the Fire Support Officer with 104 Battery.

Following my Regimental postings, I completed postings as an instructor at the Australian Defence Force Academy and as the Senior Career Adviser – RAA at the Directorate of Soldier Career Management – Army.

It is truly a great honour to assume command of the Battery and it would be remiss of me not to mention the outstanding work done by my predecessor Major James Casey and his Battery Sergeant Major WO2 Jason Bourke. Both remain in the Regiment, James as the Operations Officer and WO2 Bourke as the acting Master Gunner.

To date the Battery has deployed on two (one and a half) exercises, Exercise First Run and Warfighter Exercise.

The design of Exercise First Run allowed for a period of Battery level dry firing, reviews of procedures and included an airmobile occupation. This was followed by a short but reasonably intense period of Battery level live firing culminating in a ‘Danger Close’ practice which a great way to establish trust in your Battery after only three weeks of command. The exercise concluded with a period focused on refining digital procedures and my first Battery Commander’s Fire Plan, which was planned and circulated entirely digitally, my first voice transmission was a SITREP, “India elements crossing LD now, out.” The benefit of this ability to plan and circulate targets digitally provides an incredible advantage in electronic security and the speed of response.

The Warfighter Exercise, is a Battle Group level field training exercise focused on high-end warfighting against a near-peer adversary. The exercise was facilitated by the Combat Training Centre and saw the majority of the Battery instrumented with lasers and GPS. The exercise had a few notable moments including the observers attached to C Company, 1 RAR learning when an airmobile is cancelled; the back-up plan is normally walking. The gunline did an excellent job remaining undetected against both enemy radars and mobile raiding parties. Unfortunately, the exercise had to be cut short to allow the Brigade to return to Townsville to commence preparations for its response to Cyclone Debbie. As I write, members of the Battery are ready to assist the North Queensland community.

I look forward to more regular contributions in the future.


Brendan Perkins


Battery Commander

107 Battery