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I’d never worn my medals, they were left there in the drawer,

So when I finally took them out, it had been twenty years or more.

My daughter saw me take them out, and asked me what they’re for.

I looked at her and calmly said, “ They’re a reminder of a war”.


They remind me of the mates I had, who never made it back;

Who died in a stinking paddy field, or on a jungle track.

They remind me of the troubles, and the hardships we went through.

They remind me why we went there, it was for people just like you.


They remind me of the hellhole, while we were over there.

They remind me of our countrymen, who really didn’t care.

They remind me of the mateship, forged in a foreign land.

They remind me of a certain mate, who lost a bloody hand.


They remind me when we went away; we thought the reason was just.

They remind me of when we came back; they turned their backs on us.

They remind me of the time we spent, left there on our own.

They remind me that it took twenty years, to welcome us back home.


They remind me of the suffering, the heartache and the pain.

They remind me if we’re called upon, we’d do it all again.

They remind me when I wear them next; the thoughts will come thru then,

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning; “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”


Then I looked down at her smiling face, and I knew it had not got through.

I said “Listen love, they’re to remind me, I did it all for you.


Jim Egan, Ex Delta Coy, 4 RAR, 1971-72 Vietnam.

Around the table Left to Right or clockwise from Duck.

Duck, Bob Marker, Henry Higgins, Tony Strong, Mick Souter, John Bruce, Paul Bryant, Ian, Ken Walsh, Greg Spicer, John Brennan.

Hilton taking the picture & Jonesy (Brian Jones) still on the train from Forbes

From Ian (Bozo) Simpson.

Did I mention that one of the organisers for the get together was about 1 hour late. His name is Bryan Jones better known as Jonesy to his friends.

As it was he drove down from Forbes that morning and was staying at his Son in Laws place in Penrith I think.

His other reason was because he had to come down from Penrith by train, and they don’t run all that often from that end of town. Then he had to find the RSL.

As usual I was the last to finish my meal. I guess it was because I was talking too much. How unusual is that!

I was getting plenty of encouragement to hurry up, as the guys told me the restaurant was about to close, and we all had to go back downstairs to Level 2 to carry on.

The food was very good and in the Happy Hour the drinks were very cheap. Once Happy Hour was over the price of drinks was doubled.

Sydney get together with a few old gunners

Digby Richards 1967 song "Aussie Bush Hat".


Attached is a link to 107 Fd Bty in Hawaii from Ex Gnr John Bailey.


The quality is variable, but there are many clear shots of the guys throughout the movie. It was filmed by the Battery Medic, Cpl Ray Evans and his

assistant Gnr Toni Kammerer.

View video

Australian Forces Radio Vietnam Including Final Closing Broadcast 1972.

A history of the Australian Forces Radio Vietnam to the music

of a program including the final broadcast closing the station

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S/Sgt William Raymond Bostock Citation for the award of the MID.

S/Sgt William Raymond Bostock Citation for the award of the MID.

Now and again one person seems to stick in people’s minds and 107 S/Sgt William (Rocky) Bostock is one of those men. Every person that you speak to has nothing but praise for Bill.

For his work and outstanding service to 107 Fd Bty in Vietnam he was awarded the Mentioned in Despatches (MID). Below is Bill’s citation for his award of the MID and I’m sure everyone that served under him would agree.

S/Sgt Bostock has been personally involved in the planning, reconnaissance, occupation and preparation of most of the fire support bases occupied by his battery, where his knowledge of minor tactics, field defences, for resupply and for the day to day organisation within the fire support bases.

He has performed these duties with distinction throughout his operational tour. His resourcefulness, personal motivation and readiness to exercise his initiative have set a fine example to his subordinates and are reflected in the high standard of morale and professional competence within his battery. Staff-Sergeant Bostock’s outstanding devotion to duty, skill and efficiency reflect great credit upon himself, his Regiment and the Australian Army.