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From the Battery Commander, Major Chris Lingard - December 2018

As the year draws to close, I take this time to bring the members of the association up to date on the activities and accomplishments of 107 Bty during this eventful year.

2018 was exceptionally successful for the Bty, it encompassed several major exercise and activities. We began with Ex FIRST RUN which tested all members of the Bty in the application of technical gunnery procedures within a tactical scenario. This culminated in a CO/BC fire plan for the Bty.

Late March to early April saw 107 Bty personnel on Ex SSANG YONG held in the Republic of Korea (ROK) attached to 1 RAR in a Joint Relation Operation. This allowed the Bty to observe and participate in the planning and execution of amphibious operations whilst enabling opportunities to exchange subject matter expertise with the US Marine Corps (USMC) and the ROK Marine Corps.

 This was followed by Ex CHAU PHA which comprised of high angle shooting and technical gunnery procedures. The exercise then transitioned into Ex BROLGA SPRINT which facilitated a Live Fire Exercise (LFX) supporting 3 BDE. This LFX consisted of Danger Close lane for five Combined Combat Teams from 1 RAR, 2 Cav, US Army, USMC, and the Japanese Self Defence Force (JSDF).

As the Regt began to transition into the ‘Reset’ phase of the Force Generation Cycle (FGC), members of the Bty attached to 3 RAR and 3 CER as OPFOR in order to support 7 BDE certification as the ‘Ready’ Combat Brigade during Ex HAMEL.

Running concurrently to the previous exercise’s detailed above, members of the Bty also participated in two rotations of Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB). ECN 255 and 254 members from the Bty also were sent as support on Ex RIMPAC, which was a combined live field training exercise that included operational and tactical level training in the Hawaiian and Southern California operating areas.  Members of the Bty also deployed to the Philippines in order to develop the Philipino Army’s Forward Air Controllers in Airspace deconfliction and offensive support Coordination.   

The remaining six months of the year saw the Regt assume its position in the ‘Reset’ phase of the FGC. The Bty conducted Ex SHEEP WHISPERER, a training week which took place at Cowley Beach Training Area. This consisted of Junior NCO’s development in leading, and training in basic communications. Our final activity of the year was Ex BLACK DAGGER which involved providing support to the ADF JTAC trainees whilst also conducting Regt range and course training. This saw 107 Bty detach personnel in order to support 109 and 106 Bty. Concurrently the remainder of the Bty conducted Infantry Minor Tactics training, acting as enemy party.

As the year came to an end the Regt conducted various sporting carnivals and challenges. The Bty proved once again its superiority, winning the Regt Athletics Carnival and the Cross Country. The Bty also placed extremely favourable in the Kingsford challenge coming first and second with the two sections entered. These victories have positioned the Bty extremely well in retaining the Champion Bty of the Regt. The Bty hopes to continue its high level of training and success into 2019.

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Members of A Det conducting High angle shooting on Ex CHAU PHA at High Range.

Members of the Bty conducting Communications training at Cowley Beach training Area.

The Champion sections of the Kingsford Challenges.

Top row: GNR Bossman, LT Laufman, GNR Booth, GNR Beven, GNR Allen, GNR Findlay, GNR Dekuek, LBDR Leigh, GNR Dale.
Middle row: GNR Pawson, BDR Kingston, LT Brown, GNR  Judge, BDR Hamer, GNR Drew
Front row: LBDR Fazldeen , LBDR Hillhouse

107 Bty member on board the USS Bonhomme Richard


Top row: GNR Bossman, LT Laufman, GNR Booth, GNR Beven, GNR Allen, GNR Findlay, GNR Dekuek, LBDR Leigh, GNR Dale.
Middle row: GNR Pawson, BDR Kingston, LT Brown, GNR  Judge, BDR Hamer, GNR Drew
Front row: LBDR Fazldeen , LBDR Hillhouse

Top row: GNR Beven, GNR Drew, LBDR Fazldeen,
Middle Row: BDR Hamer, GNR Findlay, GNR Booth, GNR Pawman, LBDR Leigh, GNR Allen

107 Bty Awards 2018

At the Bty function the following awards were presented by Mr. Brett Armstrong representing 107 Battery Association and former BSM of 107 Battery 2005-06, to the soldiers on behalf of the association

Most outstanding Soldier  GNR Michael Neilson

BC Major Chris Lingard, Brett Armstrong, GNR Michael Neilson & acting BSM SGT Mick Saliba.

Most proficient JNCO

BDR Mitch Hamer

BC MAJOR Chris Lingard, Brett Armstrong, BDR Mitch Hamer, and acting BSM SGT Mick Saliba.

Best Detachment

A Detachment, BDR Ben Kingston

BC MAJOR Chris Lingard, Brett Armstrong, BDR Ben Kingston, and acting BSM SGT Mick Saliba.

Best Signaller

GNR Hayden Farrier

BC MAJOR Chris Lingard, Brett Armstrong, GNR Hayden Farrier, and acting BSM SGT Mick Saliba

Other Awards Included;

Best Officer

LT Stacy Brown


SGT Michael Saliba

Best 254 Artillery Command Systems Operator - OpCP

GNR Keegan Valencic

Best 255 Artillery Observer - FO Ack   

GNR Michael Neilson  

Best 162 Driver  

GNR Corey Judge

Best Sportsman

 BDR Ben Kingston

Best Driver

GNR Peter Booth